segunda-feira, 31 de dezembro de 2018

[REL] WestJet Boeing 787-8 - C-WJAP

Happy New Year! first and foremost I'd like to thank all of you for the support through the year. It is greatly appreciated and motivates me to keep doing these.

But it's time for our last release of the year, which in this case will be a 787, in the new livery of WestJet which is also a first for me.

Have fun! and lets see what next year has in store for us

quinta-feira, 13 de dezembro de 2018

[REL] All Nippon Airways "Latias" Airbus A350-941 XWB

I'm alive! shocking, I know. I apologize for no realeases last month, I've been dealing with some motivation issues and been also getting busy with different things. This release was even meant to be out last month, but I didn't had the time for it.

Anyways, ANA and Airbus today rolled out the first "Flying Honu" A380 so I thought it would be a nice call to release this fictional livery I've made for the A350.
The contract between The Pokémon Company and ANA may have expired, but I still felt like doing my own sort of Pokémon Jet, and what a greater inspiration for it than basing the scheme on the Hoenn legendary Pokémon Latias? who alongside her bother Latios, are both based on jet aircraft.

It is completely fictional as ANA doesn't even has orders for A350s, but I still felt like playing around with this.
And yes, more A350 liveries will be coming eventually, I just need to get the motivation back.

terça-feira, 16 de outubro de 2018

[REL] HiFly Malta Airbus A380-841 - 9H-MIP

It's my birthday! but I'm the one to give a gift here. Thank you for your support for all these years!

And for such special ocassion, a different and unique release is in order. HiFly recently became the world's first second-hand A380 operator, by taking Singapore Airlines former 9V-SKC, and they are also the first wet-lease company to offer this aircraft in ACMI operations. It has already been leased to airlines such as Thomas Cook Scandinavia, Norwegian Long Haul and Air Austral. The aircraft also features a special "Not Too Late For Coral Reefs" livery.

sábado, 13 de outubro de 2018

[REL] KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Boeing 737-9K2 - PH-BXP

Pretty much the only major airline in Europe that still flies 737s, of which 5 of them are 739s, they don't have this fancy winglet IRL but hey, they make the mod cooler, IMO~

This was sitting on my PC so I figured out I'd finish and release it.

segunda-feira, 8 de outubro de 2018

[REL] ANA "Pokémon Jet" Pack - Version 2.0

Not much to say, but I decided to update this pack after -Carcer- released a Al_Planes adapted GE-powered 747-400.
ANA's 744s were GE CF6 birds, so it was fitting for more accuracy, and it also gave me the chance to improve the fuselage light textures a bit, so they match the texture.

sexta-feira, 5 de outubro de 2018

[REL] ATR 72-500/72-600 Pack

My newest project, and the one I've been working since last week... -Carcer- recently released a new ATR72 for SA which was a very nice upgrade over Skyline's old mod, so I felt in the duty to make some liveries for it... an extra reasoning behind it was the fact I never released any ATR livery either.

Includes ATR's newest factory/house colors and a couple of airlines, mainly European/Nordic operators.

quarta-feira, 12 de setembro de 2018

[REL] Delta Air Lines Boeing 747-451 - N661US

More 747 repaints! this time from one of it's most iconic operators, though, not directly. Northwest was always sort of a synonimous for 747s in the US, and that legacy lived on when their fleet was transfered to Delta's fleet with the Delta-Northwest merger in 2008. N661US in particular was also the very first 747-400 built and delivered to an airline, and flew for some good strong 26 years until retirement in 2015. It has also been preserved in Delta's Flight Museum.

This aircraft was also involved in the Northwest 85 incident in 2002, in which a jammed rudder caused a serious loss of control of the aircraft, which went on to make an emergency landing in Alaska.