terça-feira, 22 de maio de 2012

[REL] F-WWKA Livery for A330-300

the First EVER!,A330,i'm proud of do that,is a kinda Tribute to Airbus,Wich It is,and will Always Be my Fav. Manufacturer
Take a look in Pics! =D

                                                                   Enb Series off Pics...

                             This Is,certainly the most important A330 even build,the first one,wich fly for first time 1992/1993,it was later delivered to Malaysian Airlines or Cathay Pacific probabily,where still flying around as oldest A330 in service!,with 19-20 Years,4 years of test,and 15-16 years of service!
Now,the link!
                                                           Download F-WWKA here!

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