segunda-feira, 18 de junho de 2012

[Preview] A321 Livery Pack

I Started Work,The Livery pack will take some days to be developed,3-5 Liveries Per-Day
aswell,Here It's the First Paint,US Airways
US Airways is The Unique US Airline that have A321s in Fleet,They are The Replacement for US Airways 757s(now,They Send 757s to St Maarten)
It's US Airways Workhorse in the USA,Making Rotes for the Most important Cities in the USA,like Los Angeles,San Diego,Las Vegas,many Others
They also Own the 7000th Airbus,an A321-200 x),Sadly,I could not find the paint of it

Note: The Landing gears are Quite Wired because it's Replacing Andromada In my Game.

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