quinta-feira, 4 de junho de 2015

I'm not dead!

Well, it makes almost a year since my last post here, I'm sorry about it, but I just had issues with my own life, my laptop broke, and well, things + things ended up making me busy... but I think a release of 10 liveries + some car edits can make up for that!

American Airlines Airbus A350-941 - N901AN

American is set to receive their first A350 in 2017, it was a order originally made by US Airways for 18 A350-800s and 4 A350-900s, after the merger, the entire order was converted to A350-900s.

American Airlines Airbus A320-232 - N655AW

N655AW was the first Airbus A320 repainted into American Airlines' new colors, former US Airways aircraft.

All Nippon Airways Boeing 767-381 - JA8357

JA8357 is a Domestic Based 767 from All Nippon Airways (ANA), mainly servicing Tokyo Haneda and Akita International.

Hawaiian Airlines Boeing 767-33A/ER - N589HA

Currently servicing flights from Hawaii to the US and Australia, pretty livery indeed!.

United Airlines Boeing 767-322/ER - N656UA

767-300ER in post-merger livery of United Airlines.

American Airlines Boeing 777-223/ER - N781AN

Yeah 'Sabro' already converted this one, I know, but I still converted mine anyway.

American Airlines "OneWorld" Boeing 777-223/ER - N781AN

Now this one I'm pretty sure nobody did before, 772ER in OneWorld colors.


Transaero Airlines Boeing 767-3Q8ER - EI-DBF

Don't have many Russian liveries so, I decided to convert this 767-300ER in Transaero's old colors.


Trans World Airlines Boeing 767-3Y0/ER - EI-CAL

TWA leased a 767-300ER from GPA between 1994 - 1996, what explains the curious registration of the 767.

Boeing 767-332ER "Widget" Delta Air Lines - N181DN

Love this livery, 767-332ER in Delta's classic "Widget" livery, still hope to see this livery in a Delta retrojet someday!

Initial D Fifth/Final Stage - Keisuke Takahashi's FD3S RX-7

Edited MrVorbis07's recent Initial D FD3S texture and added a Carbon Fiber hood, making it look like Project D's Uphill FD3S in it's final specs.

VeilSide Fortune RX-7 FD3S

Edited Imtaj's Fortune RX-7 and made it's shadows a little more friendly with ENB, minor edits for this one.


Tails "Itasha" paintjob for RX-7 FD3S

If you're into cars, you probably already heard about Itashas, a trend of customizing the look of your car with a paintwork featuring anime, video games or whatever you want to put there. I did mine.

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